3 Mistakes Women Make With Dieting

Ok Sugar Lips lets get this party started.

I’m sitting here in my home office, my wife has just left to do the morning school run.

So we have time to have a little chin wag.

Today I want to share 3 mistakes I see women making with their diets which DESTROY their progress.

1.  Eating Low Fat Foods.  These foods are high in sugar and only add to your problems when you’re trying to get thin. Eat full fat.

2.  Too much fruit.  Fruit is high in sugar and eating too much will bring your weight loss to a grinding halt.

3.  Eating Gluten Free Foods. These foods are processed and are high in sugar.

Are you making any of these mistakes?

If so I have something that will help you.

Most people I know can only stick to a diet for so long before eventually giving in to temptation.

At the end of the day people want to ENJOY their food.

My clients manage to enjoy their food and still lose weight using my 30 Days Of Weight Loss cookbook.

It’s a great tool to help you eat tasty meals and stay on track with your weight loss.

It contains 30 breakfasts, 30 lunches and 30 dinners which are all suitable for weight loss.

Usually I sell this for £12.99.

But for the next 72 hrs you can get it for a £5.


The coconut chicken recipe is that good, it’s about to go on the menu of a local

All 90 recipes are tasty, suitable for the whole family and will help you lose weight and stay on track during weekends.

Recipes included:
-Almond Pancakes
-Courgette Pancakes
-Baked Egg & Avocado Cups
-Burger & Chips
-Sticky Chicken
-Salt & Chilli Squid
-Fat Loss Fish Cakes
-Spicy Meatballs
-Monkfish Skewers
-Chilli Chicken
-Sea Bass & Sweet Potato Mash
-Chicken Kebabs

Plus many more.

Richard “recipes” Clarke

PS – Do you follow a LOW CARB diet?

Tomorrow I will share the truth about what LOW carb diets are NOT. When they are a bad idea, and who they are not suitable for…

Stay tuned for that.


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