Santa’s Watching . . . Are You On The Naughty List? (cookbook sale)




It’s not an episode of Soprano’s.

You guessed it – yes it’s Christmas.

If you’re a kid, Santa is watching your every move. Well, that’s what I have been saying to my son if he is naughty.

Santa is watching you”. “You will be on the naughty list”.
^^^Absolute gold if you’re a parent.^^^

It works a treat. But enough of my bad parenting.

It seems my son is not the only one who may be on the naughty list…

Ive already spoken how a few of my clients are on it too.

They have started Xmas early, and have decided that they will pick up the pieces in January.

However the same cant be said for some of my lovely ladies, they have REAL problems with FAST weight gain, like 7-14lbs in a week to 10 days. And it will take them 4-6 weeks to get that weight off, it’s just CRUEL.

But for others, who’s bodies can deal with eating a bit more and getting drunk, enjoy yourself, its no big deal, you work hard and deserve a break, and you will likely come off unscathed.

But for some, you can’t just let loose.

Otherwise you could set yourself back MONTHS. Which is just INSANE, creating all that WORK, especially when all you really need is a few new meal ideas to keep things interesting.

So if you want to eat tasty LOW CARB meals that will keep you on track over Xmas, I have a great solution for you, and its easy on the wallet too.

*Please don’t buy this if you’re a client/member (or plan on becoming one) you will have access to this as part of your plan*

But for non members and those yet to be brain washed in my wicked, yet highly effective, ways, this is for you.

For just a fiver you can get a copy of my “30 Days of Weight Loss Cookbook”, it contains 90 delicious recipes, all of them good for when you’re trying to drop a bit of timber.

The Cookbook Includes:

-Almond Pancakes
-Courgette Pancakes
-Baked Egg & Avocado Cups
-Burger & Chips
-Sticky Chicken
-Salt & Chilli Squid
-Broccoli & Mint Soup
-Fat Loss Fish Cakes
-Spicy Meatballs
-Curries (one of the curries is my most popular dish by far)
-Monkfish Skewers
-Chilli Chicken & Chickpea Mash
-Sea Bass & Sweet Potato Mash
-Chicken Kebabs

Plus many more.

To get yours, go here and send me £5, and I will send you your DIGITAL cookbook back:

Richard Clarke

PS – To be 100% clear, this product is a DIGITAL download.

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