Not Losing Weight? Try the Goldilocks approach

shockingly predictable pattern:

Many ladies who lose weight follow a similar path:

-They lose lots of weight to start.
-Enthusiasm is high and they follow the plan closely.
-Then, enthusiasm slows down, they start to slip off track.
-And it’s then that they get disheartened by the lack of results, compared to the start.

As you progress through any weight loss journey what gets you the results, fluctuates along with the ebs and flows of life, and its fair to say that it seems at times, that the more weight you lose, the harder it can get.

People often get stuck, and no matter what they try they just can’t lose anymore.

At this point certain people just give up through pure frustration and not knowing where to turn next, which is of course the worst thing you can do.

These situations SOMETIMES call for getting back to basics, but at others we have to make what some may see as ILLOGICAL changes, such as, shock horror – EATING MORE.

Whenever I ask any lady looking to get her secksy ass back in shape, to eat more to lose more, they look at me like I’m crazy, as they have always equated eating more to gaining weight, and they are quite simply scared at the thought that it may make them heavier.

But eventually I do convince them to give it a try, and within a week or two they are sold on the idea, because of course they have seen the effects.

For example, a member who’d been stuck on the same weight for about 5-6 months, ate MORE rice, potatoes and veg, as recommended by myself, and lost 5lb the following week.

loose jeans

When that happens, people tend to be all ears.

So if you’re stuck I recommend you follow the Goldilocks approach to weight loss.

Don’t eat too much, but also, don’t eat too little, eat just right.

You need to eat the right amount of the right foods, at the right times.

Sounds tricky, but its not, its actually really simple.

This nuance of losing weight, is kinda like finding the holy grail for some people as it finally puts an end to the cycle of losing loads, plateauing and then giving up and putting it all back on.

To learn the simple way I teach people how to keep losing weight long term, and get things just right, even if it means eating more, skip through the woods and go here:

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