5 reasons Average Joe is a loser (in life and weight loss)

An observation:

Lots of people have lost their backbone.

What I mean specifically is as well as being physically weak, your average Jo is an emotional weakling too.

I see these weak people, struggling with the basics in life, they have very little self discipline. Its a symptom of society.

You only have to look around you to see the average scallywag looks something like this:

-Out of shape
-Broke as a joke (buying stuff they cant afford or don’t need)
-Have no spare time (but are always on Facebook or their phone)

These are the same scallywags who complain they have no time or money, life is not fair, and blame everyone else for their lack of happiness or success.

In reality, its all their own fault, and they are their own worst enemy.

I’m not talking about people who are depressed or are unwell, try to keep this in context,

I’m talking about people who are capable of so much more, and are letting themselves down.

Thats enough talking about life’s losers.

What about the winners, what do they look like?

Life’s winners are a totally different animal.

Your (not so average) ass kickers:

-They’re self motivated
-They use their time and money wisely
-They always have a plan and as a result are always improving themselves
-They are willing to do the things that others aren’t because it gets them closer to their goals

They’ve cracked the basics, which is the initial aim of this game of life.

To go from being a loser (scallywag) to a being a winner, you need to make a decision that you’re not happy, and have really had enough.

I mean REALLY had enough, so much that you cant even carry on the way you were for another minute, that sort of had enough.

Until then, you will carry on being your own worst enemy.

Richard Clarke

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