Scared slimmer demands an answer

A little Q & A:

QUESTION #1: Rich, I always look forward to your emails, but for the last few days I didn’t get one. Is everything ok? Terri Matthews

ANSWER: Everything is ok thanks Terri, I’m still sending them. Know this: the internet eats emails like smarties. Also, sometimes its your email provider sending my emails to junk or spam, so check there first. Worst case, you can re-subscribe anytime on the blog.

Next question . . .

QUESTION #2: I’m really scared to join your class. I have left a slimming club because I didn’t get any support, so I have wasted money and was told that the consultant isn’t there to help and support you it’s the group you attend and the Web sites. So to be told that, I thought what’s the point, when to be honest I would like to speak to someone on the phone or face to face. I’m wondering what your group is about, are you there to help? Clair Sommers

ANSWER: Hi Clair, Yes we are here to help people lose weight. If you join a slimming club its all done as part of a group. When you say you want to speak to someone on the phone or face to face, do you mean on a 1-1 basis? If so, maybe personal coaching would suit you better.

(side note: I think clair maybe looking for individual support but is trying to do it via a group, which is not playing fair on the slimming group, or herself)

Ok, one more . . .

QUESTION #3: I just need to ask you a quick question. I know you stress the importance of drinking water, how significant is it in weight loss ? Is it because it makes you feel “full”? Love your emails. Keep up the great work. Christine Mills

water glass isolated with clipping path includedANSWER: No Christine its not just to make you feel full, although lots of hunger can stem from being thirsty. The main reason I recommend water is so that you minimise any water retention, which is kinda the first stage of you getting fat.

Some free advice for you, squander it at your own peril.

Thats all we’ve time for today.

I’m off to the gym.

Richard Clarke

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