A Bottle Of Wine Every Night

Ok hot lips this one is for all the drinkers.

In case you were not aware where I live South Wales, UK, people LOVE to drink.

I have LOADS of ladies on my program who like a drink.

So I’m not here to judge, just saying it as it is. Most nights they have a couple of glasses of wine.

Some have a couple of bottles.wine

It signifies more than just a bad habit.

It’s time to their selves.

Away from the kids.

5 Minutes peace from the world.


Think about it…you can escape the world.

Having a drink is wonderful.

One minute you’re stressed out and your mind is racing with all the worry and stress.

Ten minutes later – whoosh……

You’re thinking “life ain’t so bad”. (clink clink)

That feeling of relaxation comes over you and you can breathe a sigh of relief.

A few more drinks and an hour or two later you have got your BUZZ on, absolute bliss.

You feel much better, and all those worries have gone.

You fall asleep easily.

Maybe on the sofa.

Job done.

This is a familiar picture in lots of homes across South Wales and around the world.

It’s the modern way.

Anaesthetising ourselves.

Escaping the reality of our situation.

Blocking out the bad stuff.

The trouble is when you’re trying to lose weight or get fit, this lifestyle makes it very difficult.

In the end it’s destructive.

But I don’t expect the drinkers to read this and say:

“wow Rich, you have a good point there, I’m never going to drink another drop!!”

Today I wanted to tell you that if you do drink every night and you are struggling with:
-Your weight
-Your energy
-Your health
-Your relationships
-Your confidence

Or whatever.

Get some help

Sort yourself out

Get a grip

Take it from someone who knows, only YOU can do it.

I can’t do it for you.

I don’t have any magic words.

Just the truth.

Sort yourself out.

You are letting yourself down and being foolish.

Apparently the first step is admitting you have a problem.

Do you?

Rich “I had a problem” Clarke

PS – Feel like unsubscribing?

Maybe I have touched a nerve?

If this upsets you or pissed you off at all… ask yourself why?

We CLING on to what we HOLD dear and are often in denial about what our vices are actually doing to our health and weight loss efforts.


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