Food and Booze Questions (Q and A)‏

So I had a bit of a reaction to yesterday’s email.

People love a drink.

A few of you were a little shocked to hear that people live like that.

One lady said: “I can’t believe people actually make those sorts of choices, between eating properly and getting drunk”.

Welcome to the real world…these are the dilemmas of life for some.

And she was even more surprised that the booze often had more of an “investment” each week than food.

I know one guy who complains at giving his wife the shopping money each week, saying she is wasting it, but he spends £20 nearly every day in the pub and thinks nothing of it.

“Ok – to the bat cave” let’s answer these questions.

QUESTION #1:  Hi Rich, really interesting post, I have to admit sometimes I try to save money on groceries too, so I have more for clothes and going out!  What is the best alcohol to drink for weight loss?

ANSWER:  If only I had a beer for every time I get asked this one.  My answer is this: There is no alcohol that is really good for weight loss so drink what you always drink.  If you swap your usual white wine spritzer for a Bacardi and diet coke, you may get more drunk than normal, and then ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN, you may be so hungry you will eat a “scabby horse” (aka a Donner Kebab).

So just drink what you always drink, oh yes plus eat before you go out.

QUESTION #2:  I understand what you are saying, but my family struggle to afford food and we certainly don’t drink every week.  Do you have any advice about how to save money on food?

ANSWER: Yes lots.  To learn them all you will have to join one of my programmes.

But I will tell you this, or remind you…buy seasonal and local.  It’s usually best for value and quality.

QUESTION #3:  Hi Rich, Are you talking about people on low income?

ANSWER:  Most people would like to believe that  these “boozers” are the scum of the earth, some sacrificing their children’s/families nutrition so they can have more to drink.

But I’m afraid you would be dead WRONG.

They are the average Mums and Dads, they are business owners, they are people who earn enough money to buy decent food, but decide that cutting a few corners by buying cheap processed food, is being smart. And ironically they say they always want the best for their kids.

But the same people would not consider buying cheap wine.

And that’s the end of that.

Have a good one.  Catch you Monday.

Richard Clarke

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PPS – If you want help with losing a bit of timber, I have a couple of spaces that have become available in my GROUP training programme.

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The investment, is £20 per week. And you have to be ready to change your ways, but I will teach you how you can “have your cake and eat it”.

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