What Susan does when she doesn’t want to drink wine

Had this “tip” from savvy member Susan Jones, and thought you may find it useful.

Susan uses my programme to lose weight and keep her lifestyle in order, and now she feels like she is back in control and doesn’t drink every weekend:


“Hi Rich, Its been 3 months now since starting the programme and I wanted to let you know that I can’t believe how much I have changed. My family, friends and even the girls at work have noticed. Yes I have lost weight, dropped a couple of dress sizes and feel like I have so much more energy, but most of all, I cant believe how much my weekends have changed.

I love wine as you know but it doesn’t love me, and it was having a negative effect on my health and my body. I used to drink every weekend but now I save it up for special occasions such as Birthdays and events, like you advised. There are enough of them to keep you busy!

To be honest something you said stuck with me, you asked me what I hated about my body? And what made me sad and what did I want to change most? Its my stomach, when I grab my tummy its all loose. So now every time I feel like I want to have a drink, I just look at my wrinkly stomach in the mirror and because I hate the way it looks, I don’t drink.

And its working, I still have a good bit to lose, but now when I stand straight it looks so much better. Thank you. Susan xxx

PS – Im just worried about wearing a bikini now! But at least I’m planning on wearing one, in the past I would have covered up.”

As Susan said, I don’t recommend you give up alcohol completely, there are enough weirdo’s in the world already. And if your belly fat is upsetting you, and you like a drink a little too often, our approach towards alcohol certainly works.

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Richard Clarke

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