A Chocolate Blocker‏

Sometimes (quite often) I’m a bit cheeky.

And my mouth has gotten me into trouble on many occasions.

Like last night I was in class and one of the girls was saying how she didn’t know why she had gained weight, and I flippantly said “because of what’s going in your mouth”.

Which was based on the fact that she had confessed the previous week to a few lapses, which I assumed would account for the weight gain.

Anyway, by the look on her face, I was wrong, and all I can say is I’m lucky I have known her for so long or she would have kicked me in the shins for being so cheeky.

But this cheekiness and flippant attitude comes from being worn down by nearly 20 years of working with people, primarily women!

And today I will share some examples of the things they put me through on a day to day basis with their questions.

QUESTION #1:  Hi Rich, Is there anything that can block chocolate? Debs

ANSWER: Yes, your mouth.

Moving swiftly on.

QUESTION #2:  Will a massage remodel my belly fat? Gill

ANSWER:  No, but it’s a nice thought.  You would need to be massaged by the hands of a dozen masseurs for hours each day, and even then the effect on your belly fat from massage would be minimal.  Eat properly.

QUESTION #3:  How much weight will I lose each week at your slimming club?

ANSWER:  Dunno.  That bit’s down to you my friend.

BUT if you want to know “on average”…people lose 10-14lbs in the first 4-6 weeks.

And that’s a wrap.

So, whoever said there is no such thing as a stupid question, was wrong!

I get them all the time ;-).

But seriously, I don’t mind, it shows how comfortable the girls feel about asking me stuff, as crazy as it seems, it helps me learn, accept and realise that I will never, ever, ever, totally understand how you women think.

So please do keep them coming.

Richard Clarke

PS – The first VIDEO’s from the slimming club members, sharing their results is up on Facebook.  In the first video Lisa explains why she was worried the slimming club was going to be just like the others.

If you are into the social media thing, take a look here:


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