I Can See You’re Not A Fan‏

Hi Rich, I can see you are not a big fan of transformation programmes and fast weight loss, but I need to lose weight fast for a wedding in the summer and was wondering if your one-one training programme would be suitable?

Thanks, Debs.

Was the question I received upon my return from our bank holiday break in Aberporth.

Lets get one thing clear sweet cheeks….

I’m NOT against fast weight loss.

I am all for losing it fast.   

Us humans are not patient.

I guess it’s a reflection of society, we want everything fast.

It’s SOOOO motivating to drop your fist stone quickly.

Ask Tony who has lost 2 1/2 stone (35lbs) in less than six weeks.

Or ask his sister Liz who lost a stone in 4-5 weeks.

Or any of my other clients who are on weight loss programmes.

I get it, I understand you want to lose weight fast.

It’s just my job to make sure we NEVER do it at the cost of your HEALTH.

Because that would be arse backwards.

If we sacrifice our health for short term weight loss, we will FAIL.

I have seen it over the years in MY OWN clients, because I pushed the weight loss too hard. (that’s the benefit of experience)

And then they got sick, and slipped back, which is soul destroying for the individual and it’s pretty shitty for us trainers too.

We are on the emotional journey with our clients, and feel all the UPS and DOWNS, which are literally like a roller coaster with some.

The thing I don’t agree with, is when people are SERIAL transformers.

They don’t see the bigger picture, a long time for some people is 14-21 days.

I must say that most of those following these SHORT term programmes are youngsters, bless their cotton socks.

It’s another symptom of society, they want to be beautiful, and want it NOW, and don’t want to do the work.

Every time they go on a FAST weight loss transformation programme they drop a couple of dress sizes for whatever event and then go back to the way they were until the next transformation is needed for the next event.

This is a form of yo-yo dieting, which is very bad for your health and ultimately your FAT loss – in the long term.

*yo yo dieters increase body fat levels over the long term*

A more gradual long term approach is needed, to compliment the great short term results.

So just to be clear and for anyone like debs who thinks “I do it slowly”.

My entire programme is designed to have FAST results combined with a LONG TERM STRATEGY.

My nutrition programme has taken me YEARS to get it to where it is today, it works very well.

It’s designed to fix the most important things first.

Plus you don’t really have to do that much thinking, I have done it all for you, meal plans, recipe books and a clear set of instructions.

And guess what, it not only ensures people stay healthy, but also gives you FAST and CONSISTENT weight loss.

Richard Clarke

PS – Start to lean the basics here (meal plan included):


PPS – If you want to learn how to lose weight MY WAY, now is a good time to join the slimming club. Its located in the Llansamlet area of Swansea and costs from as little as a fiver a week.

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