Are You Confused Why You’re NOT Losing Weight?

Just had this from one of my lovely ladies:

Rich, Weighed this morning and 2lbs heavier.  I’m not doing something right. I think for me to lose weight I am going to have to eat a lot less than I do now, and I’m not sure I can/ want to. 
Maybe I should forget the scales and focus how I feel?
Shaniqua (fake name ;-))

Lets get this straight, I don’t meet many women who are actually entirely happy with their bodies and weight.

Whether they are 8 stone or 20 stone.

They all have LOW BODY CONFIDENCE.  food choices DPC

But when they are STICKING to a diet

AND don’t see results.

Quite rightly they get frustrated and confused.

AND they start making decisions to CHANGE stuff.

It’s only natural.

So today I’m gonna break down what help I offered.

The first thing I always need is a food diary.

This lady had submitted hers for the last 7 days (and more).

So I took a quick look back at the previous week.

That’s my job, unlocking these little mysteries.

Clearing up confusion.

And getting people losing weight again…

Firstly, I told her to keep perspective, it’s only 2lbs.

She had based her decision on the fact she gained 2lbs, she thought she had to cut back and eat less, and that was making her feel stressed.

Sound familiar?

All this is pretty normal stuff.

I’m here to keep control of the situation.

*This lady WAS convinced she needed to CUT BACK EVEN MORE TO LOSE WEIGHT*

I told her what she had eaten in the last 7 days that wasn’t on her plan.

Here is the list:

-Curry & Rice
-Handfulls of nuts in between meals most days
-Scrambled egg on toast
-Apple crumble and ice cream
-Pims and welsh cake
-2 glasses of pink bubbly
-Brownie, a small taste

^^^^She ate all that and was CONFUSED as to why she gained weight.

Until I pointed it out to her what she had eaten “off plan” she hadn’t noticed what she had actually eaten, as it was all “little treats”.

LOADS of ladies do this.

this is the important bit…

They think they are doing right, and when they don’t see results, they BLAME THE WRONG THINGS for the weight gain or lack of weight loss

Then with the best intentions, ultimately start making BAD decisions to change things they think “DON’T WORK”.

Plus, after seeing all this SUGAR, I asked her if she was close to her “ladies week”.

Guess what – it was just around the corner.

So after all that.

We decided to keep things the same, and get back to the basics of cutting out the

Normally most of my ladies can gain 2-4lbs on their ladies week.

I put money on it she will lose weight in the next week or so.

Ladies week masks the weight loss for a few days.

PLUS it makes lots of ladies CRAVE CARBS and SUGAR.

My advice:

When it’s ladies week try to have some healthy snacks to hand, I suggested some
stuff last week.

Take care,

Richard “mystery solved” Clarke

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