Are You Focusing On All The WRONG Things?‏

Over the last 20 years working with women, I have learned a thing or two.

And today I want to share something that may help you.

Lots of ladies I work with overthink things and get their focus wrong.

They say stuff like:

“are tomatoes bad? I eat lots of them, that’s maybe my problem”.

And they end up totally missing the important stuff (like not eating junk foods) while focusing on the small stuff (like tomatoes) which don’t really matter as much. 

There are priorities when you’re losing weight, and there are distractions.

I want to teach you to focus on the priorities.

There is a story which helps to perfectly explain this very “human condition”.

It’s called the Jar Of Life.

And there is a video here which teaches you what’s important and what you should be focusing on in life.

This lesson can also be applied to weight loss, health and personal development.

There’s maybe 100 things you “could and should” do, but you can only realistically do about half a dozen or so properly.

They are the most important pieces in the puzzle, and the priorities, and that’s where your focus should remain, and you should not let yourself get distracted by the small, less important things.

You could try and figure it out all on your own, or you could let me teach you what the most important things to focus on are.

I guess it depends on what type of person you are and how much time (and money) you have ALREADY invested trying to DO IT YOURSELF.

To get some help with deciding what’s the most important thing to do first (and second and third) click on the link to read more:

Richard Clarke

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