Do Not Read This Unless You Are Frustrated As Hell With Your Weight

An observation:

People are frustrated as hell with their weight.

Sometimes, its all their own fault.

However, more and more its because they are following trends.

I blame the internet.

Now you have all these self proclaimed gooroo’s (notice the spelling, they are not real Gurus but think they are, I stole that from my coach Ben). They encourage their followers to hop from trend to trend, (which shows their lack of understanding of the basics). Just as you’re getting used to forcing down herbalife or alo vera juice, they move you onto raspberry ketones. They have a gazillion followers on Instagram, they look great, have the washboard abs and a concrete bum, but are in reality just internet copy cats.

What pea’s me off the most is these half wits are not only continually dishing out bum advice, they are regurgitating good advice, and in the process diluting it down, getting it wrong, so in the end it doesn’t work.
I was told about a well know trainer and how they steal their workouts from youtube and google all their recipes.

The average person on the street (you) can’t tell the difference between what’s right and wrong.

So what should you do?

Thats the easy bit.

Listen to me.

and I will tell you who to follow or listen to.

I’ve studied the best.

There are only a few experts that I personally trust and I’ve sought them out and paid them a fortune to learn what they teach. Most of them I interviewed on my (free) podcast with Dr Mark Daniels, a GP of 25 years.

Solid, bona fide experts, with core values that I can relate to, people such as Phil Richards, Dr Eric Serano, Dr Nigel Plumber and Dr Elena Davies. Also, despite what some people say, I personally think what Joe Wicks does with food is very good.

Most slimmers I see following trends, get frustrated due to LACK of results, and then GIVE UP.

Remember, you cant really control how much weight you will or will not lose.

But you can control what you eat and how much water you drink.

That’s what I’d focus on.

Today’s advice: STOP following trends. Start learning to master the BASICS of healthy eating.

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Richard Clarke

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