Feeling Physically Sick Every Session

My wife goes to the school to pick up the boy more than I do.

I do it once or twice a week, and turn up just on time.

She of course goes up the school early to have a chat with the other mums.

You know how women like to talk.

There is a group of them and they are all buddies and go out for a drink every couple of months or so.

Now, they all know what I do for a living.

Some of them even read my emails (hello ladies).

They all talk to my wife Ellie about this-that-and the other, and sometimes it’s to do with fitness and weight loss.

They ask her the odd question, share the odd story.

Mums talk about their bums quite a lot.

The other day one of them was telling her about how she had signed up for a personal trainer down at the local budget gym (simply).

She said she was feeling “physically sick” during and after each session, the trainer was pushing her so hard

Her instinct had told her “this can’t be right”.

But she ploughed on, thinking she was just unfit.

(Mums are good at ploughing on when they are completely knackered.)

Then she told Ellie that she had read one of my emails

One telling her that any personal trainer who is “pushing/beasting” their clients until they feel sick is not very well informed, to say the least.

You see, what these young whipper snappers don’t get is that harder exercise is NOT healthier for the majority of us.(athletes excluded of course)

Harder exercise does not equate to more weight loss.

In fact in some cases it’s the opposite, hard training can make you gain weight.

The ladies instinct was spot on.

Feeling physically sick when you exercise is not right and definitely not needed.

You should feel invigorated and full of vitality.

Glowing, is the word I would use to describe it, definitely not sick though.

Rich “harder is NOT better” Clarke

PS – In case you missed it, here is Liz, who wanted me to train her very HARD, but I wouldn’t.

She wasn’t sleeping well and was very stressed.

She wasn’t happy with me not allowing her to train hard see what she had to say about it and more:


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