Hey ;-)

Just a quick check to see if you want to drop a couple of dress sizes in the next 12 weeks?

My current groups are coming to an end and we have a few spaces become available. (see below)

If you are ready to make some life changing decisions, fill out this form and I will be in touch in the next few days.


But remember…

It’s not for everyone.

I only want action takers who have had enough of where they are and seriously want to change how their future looks.

These are 30 minute classes, either once or twice a week.


Location: Birchgrove
Monday at 7.05pm. Women Over 40 (1 Place) £120 every 12 weeks
Monday’s & Thursday’s at 7.40pm. Women Over 40 (1 Place) £80 per month.

Location: Tycoch, Sketty
Friday 8.30am. Women Over 40 (1 Place) £120 every 12 weeks
Friday 9.45am. Women Over 40 (1 Place) £120 every 12 weeks

Location: Tycoch, Sketty
Tuesday 8.30am Muscle Club (1 Place) £120 every 12 weeks
Tuesday 10am – Men over 50 Class (1 Place) £240 every 12 weeks

Here is the application form again

Rich “not for everyone” Clarke

PS – After these places are gone, we will be closing membership for the time being, not sure when it will open back up again.

But of course I have the 90 day programme due out soon… keep your eyes peeled for that.


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