It’s So Much Better

People often ask how come I have worked with over 40’s for so long?

If I think about it, the signs have always been there.

It kinda happened like this…

I like people older than me.
*don’t confuse OLD with OLDER*

When I was a kid I would sit and listen to my mum and aunties talking in the kitchen.

It always seemed more exciting than what the kids were doing.

When I was about 10, I always wanted to hang around with the older boys, for the same reason – excitement.

By the time I was 18, young people bored me compared to older people.

Plus I hated radio one had developed a liking for radio four (an early sign I was a bit different).

And as soon as I had my first qualification

I went heavily into working with over 40’s and 50’s

And have done that for nearly 20 years now.

I think over 40’s are much more enjoyable to work with

They have their shit together, more than young-uns anyway.

They are past all the bullshit and pretence that many younger people go through.

They are more stable and less turbulent in general.

They know what they want a lot more.

As we get older I think we develop a more realistic idea of what is needed to make significant changes.

Lots of the people I work with have stopped looking for the quick fixes

They have learnt by their previous attempts that type of stuff is for the young and naive.

They want a long term solution.

But one that’s not complicated.

One that delivers fast results.

And one that they can fit into their busy lives.

People over 40 don’t feel invincible anymore.

When you’re over 40 you understand your time is valuable and not to be wasted.

Over 40’s don’t have time to piss around.

They understand the need to work towards things.

Long term goals are where the real good life is.

*Healthy body

*Good job

*Nice house

*Healthy relationships

^^^all take a long term approach^^^^

That’s why I love working with mostly over 40’s and that is a why you should love being over 40.

Being over 40 means you’re not always thinking about how others see you

You’re hopefully not self obsessed

And you are able to walk past a mirror without taking a selfie.

Rich “life really starts at 40” Clarke

PS – keep an eye out tomorrow to find out why I sometimes do “it” with men.


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