3 Stone In 10 Weeks (Eating Curry Every Night)‏

I had this from Tony Brown last week:

Started with Rich around 10 weeks ago, during that time and by following his advice I have lost over 3 stone!!

Having had arthritis for very many years which resulted in a double knee replacement and taking a ridiculous amount of tablets daily for this condition I am now taking a fraction of the amount prescribed by my G.P.

My G.P. can’t get over the change and is very impressed.

I would certainly recommend Richard to anyone.

That’s all great, but there is something more interesting about what he has achieved.

He did it all while eating a curry every night.

Let me explain.

Like lots of us, myself included, Tony likes a curry.

When he has a sit down indian, he has the hottest one they can make.

(I like a Tikka Masala, vindaloo hot with a few onion bhajis)

When Tony eats out, often the waiter has to check that he knows what he is getting himself into.

He sits there sweating conkers, but loves it.


When I initially assessed Tony he said he liked curry.

So we incorporated that into his plan and he has consistently lost weight ever since (he is my “biggest loser” of 2015).

Curries are very good for you, the spices give you a huge boost as well as all the other great ingredients like onions garlic and tomatoes.

Tony asked if it was ok to eat curry as often as he was, I told Tony, if a plan works, stick with it.

Some good news for my members who like curry, I now have added a clean curry cookbook to my fat loss arsenal.

It has over 50 different curries in it, plus delicious recipes for onion bhajis and even healthy chapatis.

Tony is testing them out as we speak.

Rich “spice it up” Clarke

PS – In case you missed yesterday…I have some big news

I’m launching a brand new online programme.

Its a 90 day fat loss and fitness programme for women over 40, that will be available from September on.

If this is something you would be interested in pop on over here and leave your details and you will be the first to find out when it’s ready.

The 90 day plan also includes the curry recipes that Tony lost so much weight with.



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