I Do It With Men

I do it with men.

And like I have said in the past, I always do it quickly.

That sounds a bit gay.

But of course, I’m talking about fat loss and fitness.

Last week after telling you about my new 90 day programme, I had a few questions, from the men.

They were feeling left out.

Peter asked: Is it suitable for men?

Frankie asked: Is it for women only?

The answer is yes and no

Yes – it is suitable for men and

No – it’s not for women only.


It is designed with women in mind.

And like all my work

I specifically aim to help women over 40 look and feel their best.

Yes I CAN help their blokes and husbands.

But in the main, I don’t.

If you’re a bloke you will have to change a few things but my programmes will still work like crazy.

Most of the time if a husband and wife do the programme together the men get just as much out of it as the women.

But my “super power”, for my sins, is helping women over 40.

But at the end of the day my system will deliver results for anyone who follows it.

Rich “doing it with men” Clarke

PS – If you are interested in being the first to find out about my new 90 day programme, sign up here:


PPS – I have had some people not show up for their sessions

No phone call, naff all

So they are out on their arse

And I have spaces for TWO ladies to exercise ONCE a week with me.

In Tycoch.

On Fridays

One space is at 8.30am.

One space is at 9.45am.

If you are interested in learning my exercise and nutrition system in one of my group formats (4 women) hit reply and I will send you the form to get things started.

It’s £120 every 12 weeks.


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