TV Show Reveals Shocking Reasons For “Unexplained” Weight Gain


A guilty pleasure of mine is watching the TV show secret eaters.

The basic premiss of the programme is that people don’t know why they are gaining weight.

In the show they have cameras set up in their home and unbeknownst to them private investigators follow them around.

This particular show featured a lady from Scotland who needed help unravelling the mystery of her weight gain.

The woman said at the beginning of the programme:

“I’m not eating any more than normal, I probably don’t eat enough. I don’t know why I’m putting on weight. I’m not doing anything any different. I think its my metabolism”.

She also said she had put on a stone in the last year and she had been on diets and failed to lose a single pound.

So she was convinced there was something wrong with her, and had blood tests.

She was disappointed that the blood tests showed she was in full working order.

The presenter was setting her up when she said:

“So basically you are saying you’re a medical miracle, is that right? You eat less and diet and don’t lose weight and the doctors can’t find any reason why?”

“Yes” she said “that’s about right”.

At the end of the week the organisers of the programme helped the lady discover the mystery of her weight gain.

In the end, (as always with this show, but I still watch it) it turned out she had under reported her calorie intake by a massive 50%, (and ate even MORE at weekends).

She was, like many of us, in denial, and didn’t want to accept that SHE was the actual problem.

Once shown the error of her ways, she made some simple BASIC changes and subsequently lost 16lbs in just 10 weeks after the show.

The lesson: If you’re not losing weight, you may be one of the 60% of people who think they are eating healthily, when you really aren’t.

Just keeping a food diary (if you’re honest with yourself) can be a big wake up call.

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