The Life Threatening Disease She Might Have

Ok my friend, today I’ve a bit of Q and A action for your sexy little ass.

Both from women, one has burning toes, and one has burning in her . . . well you’ll see below in a second.

Without further ado:

QUESTION #1: Hi Richard, It looks like I’m about to be diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) or something similar as following an MRI scan I have inflammation in neck and my hands and toes burn like hell.

I’m almost 54, not overweight and people tell me I look 44 as I’ve always looked after myself .

Has your anti inflammatory diet helped people like me?

I’m confused and overwhelmed by all the stuff I’ve read on the net. I don’t want a complicated diet plan, just simple recipes I can prepare that aren’t boring ( I read one plan where you re supposed to only eat steamed veg and tuna!).

I love food as I’m an ex chef and it’s a big interest in my life.

Please advise! I want to be able to manage whatever I have without too many drugs.

Can I have the odd red wine?

I really would appreciate your help as I’m in pain and I’m really worried about the outcome.

Thanks, Helen (London)

ANSWER: Hi Helen, Yes the anti-inflammatory plan can help but it can be a little restrictive for some people. It all depends how far down the rabbit hole you need to go.

Most people just need to remove the main protagonists like dairy, wheat and gluten for example and they do great. Hopefully that’ll be the case for you then you can still enjoy the occasional glass of wine and most foods.

Food is the best medicine before medication so there is lots you can do for sure. All my plans promote an anti-inflammatory response within the body and are alkaline forming.

If you want any specific help you will need to follow my online programme.

You can start that immediately, let me know and I will send you all the details.

Take care, Richard

Next question please . . .

QUESTION #2: Hi Richard, Since coming off antibiotics, I’ve been in terrible pain with thrush and nothing seems to be working, the Dr has tried everything, its like being on fire, the only relief I can get is with ice or a cold bath.

Do you have any experience with this? If so whats the best natural remedy I can use for it please? Thanks – Anonymous

ANSWER: Quite often when women take anti biotics, afterwards they can suffer with a yeast infection because the antibiotics kill all the GOOD bacteria in your lady parts. (Leaving you prone to the yeast overgrowth)

The solution is pretty simple: re-establish a healthy gut with pre and probiotics, and stop eating junk foods, especially sugary stuff.

But simple does not mean its easy, lots of people struggle to cut out sugar and eat the right foods to fix their gut, on a consistent enough basis.

That’s all I can safely share here. But for my paying clients like “anonymous” I have a few other tricks up my sleeve to help fix thrush naturally.

Enough said.

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Richard Clarke

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