Message From Angela

Ok sweet cheeks lets get this show on the road.

I realise people don’t want to know what I think when it comes to “how good” I think my fitness and nutrition programmes are.

Terrible I know.  But it’s the truth.

The fact of the matter is, the owner of a business saying how great things are just doesn’t cut the mustard.

So from time to time I get unsolicited feedback and testimonials and other times I shamelessly ask customers to volunteer feedback.

In my most recent shameless attempt to find out what OTHER people think I had this message from Angela.

She wrote:


“When I first saw this slimming club advertised I kept looking at it for a few 
weeks before i decided to join because I was very nervous of going on my 
own and not knowing anybody but all my worries soon disappeared when 
I attended the first class, everyone is so friendly. Since starting the diet I 
have lost just over 2 stone in weight, and I got much more energy and my 
sleep pattern is much better and I have also started doing exercise classes 
with Richard and I feel more confident with my body, I’ve learnt so much 
about cooking with the different recipes, I would recommend this slimming 
club to anybody, you will not be disappointed and you will achieve amazing 
Angela x


To get results like Angela has you’ve got 3 options

1.My online academy –

2. One-one/group training –

3. My new slimming club (you need to fill out a form) –

Richard Clarke

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