Slimming member Jackie “loses the plot”

Frustrated slimming member Jackie writes:

“Well I’ve lost the plot big time really stressed with college work so I’m picking nibbles like mad. Not having enough time to cook let alone putting pics on group. New week will come to class tonight but not expecting A miracle need to get my head back into it”.


After 20 years helping women lose weight, and I’ve got the scars to prove it, I knew what was going on here.

I’ve seen it many times. It’s unlikely that she’s lost the plot and more likely that she is stressed, under pressure and maybe overwhelmed.

So my cheeky response:

Ok Jackie, don’t beat yourself up we all have times like that, most important thing now is what you do next . . . try to find a pair of your big girls knickers and get them on right away please. It only takes one or two meals to get things back on track, get a pint of water down too 😉 x

That’s the sort of straight talking you can expect when you join my school of weight loss.

Of course, its not everyone’s cup of earl grey, and could have gone either way with that sort of comment.

Jackie could have stormed off and never returned.

What was Jackie’s response?

“Thank you Richard you are so right 🙂 “.

That’s right, she thanked me, because she knows what’s good for her.

I can hear the sensitive snowflakes sobbing into their cornflakes as I speak.

“Richard you’re so mean”.

No, actually it’s not mean, it’s kindness, it would be FAR easier to say something like, “poor you don’t worry about it” and just move on.

I’ve lots more to say on this topic, but I will save it, time is running out for today.

If you know what’s good for you, want to slim down fast, and want to be treated like a grown up, get your big girls knickers on, and go here:

Slimming Club Application Form

Richard Clarke

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