Only Seeing Problems

Between you and me

I have been feeling a little bit down.

Certain things and people were starting to get me down and I was becoming a bit negative.

I could only see problems.

I wrote a few negative emails about it all, which I will probably never send.

I was angry and pissed off. And it was all small stuff in reality.

Sometimes I lose sight of all the good stuff and focus on the small amount of bad stuff.

I’m not sure why I do it.

Do you ever do that?

I needed a big dose of positivity (and a good slap).

And thankfully, last week you all gave me it to me (the positivity that is).

Caroline Pritchard said:

Fantastic…I’m inspired as with all your emails

That feels a little better, but lets keep going.

Lianne Brown said:

Richard helped me in so many ways, even though I had many ailments, he helped me to believe in myself I lost weight, his recipes are delicious, didn’t feel like I was on a diet, just healthy eating but most of all Richard is very inspiring and often if I was having a bad day you could guarantee I would walk out of the gym smiling. Thank you Richard x

Alright, now I’m starting to feel better.

We are on a roll.

But my ego has room for one more…

A lady named named Sharon said:

Please unsubscribe me from this drivel”.

Do you hear that hissing sound?

It’s the sound of all the air leaving my over inflated ego.

And it was going so well…

Never mind.

Onto some fat loss and fitness stuff.

I’m launching a brand new online programme.

It’s a 90 day fat loss and fitness programme for women over 40

It will be available from September onwards.

If this is something you would be interested in pop on over here and leave your details and you will be the first to find out when it’s ready.

Rich “feeling positive” Clarke

PS – Keep an eye out tomorrow to find out how someone has lost three stone, eating curry every day.


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