The Indian foods you CAN eat and still see incredible results

Some food related Q & A:


QUESTION #1: I’m going for an Indian meal soon and have no idea what I can have there. Any tips please? Thanks, Rhian Rox

ANSWER: Good question. Yes poppadoms are alright with the chopped tomatoes stuff or the cucumber stuff, not the mango chutney or lime pickle. Boiled rice with curry: tandoori, tikka or bhuna (they are all quite dry). Avoid breads and deep fried stuff. plenty of water x

(side note: my members and I love curry, I have an entire cookbook devoted to the stuff, its great for dropping some timber, a while back one of my members lost 3 stone in 10 weeks, all from eating curry EVERY night.)

Next question . . .

QUESTION #2: So I fancy making the almond pancakes…where do you buy your almond flour please? Tracy Morgan

ANSWER: Online is best. Its not available in every supermarket but some of the girls have found it in the pound shops.

One more . . .

QUESTION #3: What is a portion of goats cheese? Mandy

ANSWER: 1oz. Goats cheese is a great alternative to cows as it has less lactose and is much easier to digest.


That’s all we’ve time for today.

Its half term and my wife and I are going to do something with the boy.

Over and out.

Richard Clarke

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