How to fix a bank holiday blowout

We all know what Bank Holidays are like, for many it would have been a horror show when it came to their diets.

We’re just back from a weekend away in West Wales.

For us it was a bbq and a few drinks, a meal out (I had a deeelicious cheesecake for desert) and we had a takeaway Sunday night because we couldn’t be bothered to cook.

Either way, whatever your indulgence, lets forget about that and focus on today.

Personally I’m going to be pulling things back, that means plenty of water and plenty of veg, so that I can try to undo some of the negative effects. I will also take a few special supplements to aid the process.

If you had a blow out over the weekend, I suggest you do the same.

Its a simple three-step fix.(1) Drink a load of water at least 2 liters then (2) make your first meal high protein with some salad or veggies and finally (3) Have a healthy meal for tea (that’s dinner if you’re not Welsh).

Trust me, it will help you feel less crappy and bloated.

Plus come tomorrow you’ll definitely have more energy.

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