Why Julie’s Hair Was Falling Out and She Had No Energy

Julie has used my programme to boost her under active thyroid, increase her energy and stop her hair falling out:


Hi Richard,

I wanted to write this to you, in case you can use it to help someone else.

As you know when I came to see you I had suffered from an underactive thyroid and been taking Thyroxine for many years. I had seen no improvement to be honest and had lost faith in my GP. I had no energy at all and even found my hair was falling out.

To top it all off, when my most recent blood test came back, my GP actually suggested a reduction in my thyroxine, which seemed strange to me (as I had no energy I thought it should go up!). I thought that I’d feel this awful forever.

The good news is, since you started helping me the changes I have seen in just three weeks have been miraculous, my energy has increased and my hair is much stronger already. I even went to the hairdressers the other day, which made me feel better.

I want to thank you for your help and support. What we did was pretty simple really, but my own GP didn’t know what to do, and it has made a huge change to how I feel.

Julie x

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