Why Rita Survived A Nasty Fall

True story:

Recently, Rita tested my claim that you can “injury proof” your body.

Rita, 68 (ish), was in London town walking down a busy street crowded with people, when before she knew what was happening, she was face down on the pavement. She regained herself with the help of a couple of passers by and she realised what had caused her to be up ended, she had stepped both feet into one of those tough plastic newspaper ties, and it kinda held her feet together and tripped her up.

The bad news was that Rita was very shaken and had hurt her knees, hands, elbow and her shoulders, all from trying to break her fall.

Normally a fall like this could cause a lady in her late 60’s to break a wrist or shoulder or often worse, pop a rotator cuff, and who knows, maybe even worse.

Of course, that depends on how strong your muscles and bones are.

Rita for example, much to her delight, had aches in her shoulders for a couple of days, and had no other lasting effects.

She actually came to the gym the day after, we did some light exercises and stretching, then she had a good soak in some bath salts and was brand new.

She believes that the work we’ve done in the gym “saved her” from suffering any broken bones and alike.

You cant avoid all the accidents in life, but you can make yourself fitter to be able to better deal with what comes your way. The recovery rate for lots of illnesses, including the big ones like cancer, is much better if you’re fit and strong to start with, the same goes with slips, trips and falls.

To make your bones and muscles(including your heart and lungs) stronger, and injury proof your body, go here now:



Richard Clarke

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