School Says Her 4 Year Old Is Overweight‏

Did you see this article in the news last week?

It was about a little girl, aged 4, who had been told she needed to go on a diet.

And I must say, from the pictures I saw, the mum and daughter didn’t look to be visably overweight.

The little girl’s mother was fuming, and didn’t agree with the advice.

The government have a lot to answer for, they do some stupid stuff.

And in my opinion, they don’t really have “our” interests at heart.

They often respond with interventions like “healthy school eating programmes” due to the possible implications (of obesity), for example it will cost them BOATLOADS of money.

Back to the story…

The little girl’s weight was assessed using Body Mass Index aka – BMI.

Body mass index is meat to be an indicator of the RISK of your weight.

Guess who else is “OVERWEIGHT” according to BMI?


My BMI is in the overweight category too.

Yet my body fat levels are very low and I’m quite slim.

BMI doesn’t take into account MUSCLE mass.

So it goes without saying, for some of us, myself and this 4 year old girl, BMI is a pretty useless measure of weight/health/risk.

The doctors and nurses love it because it’s so simple, but often they haven’t a clue about what they are talking about when delivering the results and the advice to the patient.

Ok, so what IS the best way to measure if your weight is dangerous?

Well there are two:

1.  Waist circumference over 32 inches for a woman or 38 for a man
2.  Body fat % which is over 35 for women and 25% for men

But a quick look in the mirror (when you’re naked) will tell you what you may already know.

So that’s how you can tell if the weight you carry is dangerous.

And if you decide you want to reduce your “dangerous” waist size and high body fat levels you are going to need to find someone who knows what they’re doing, and has a plan that works pretty quickly.

Like the one in my private members academy.

You can read more about that, and get started immediately here:



Richard Clarke

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