She Blames Me – For Everything

I had this message last week off one of my lovely ladies…with the title

“I Blame You For Everything”

I saw it and thought, o shit…


One used-to-be couch potato client well at least one who felt limited by her pelvic floor and unfitness was seen behaving out of character yesterday … She was swimming with her children for 2 hours (including surfing rapids and doing ridiculous slides)

then doing a rope climbing tree top adventure (up to 200 ft off the ground) and when the thunder storm hit – absailing out of the trees (rather than a zip wire across a lake (pshew)) and then cycling home (uphill) in torrential rain….singing!

She felt scared a few times but not once did she feel limited by her body.

On a weekend of sheer over indulgence – a golden wedding anniversary and a 9 years olds birthday party – she enjoyed treats but swapped salads in for pizza, drank water as well as wine.

You sir have coxed this person out of hiding.

Thank you thank you thank you!

Doris (not her real name)

Can you feel how happy she was just by reading her message?

She was buzzing.

It’s great when this happens.

Very motivating and very good to help people STAY on track.

Lots of it came down to confidence.

Or a LACK OF confidence I should say.

Her weak pelvic floor was filling her with dread and stopping her doing anything remotely physical.

Can you relate to this?

It seems, with my clients at least, it’s a very common problem.

But this lady, like most women, was made of tougher stuff than to let it stop her anymore.

Since writing about pelvic floors I have had quite a few of my EXISTING clients tell me, they also have trampoline trouble.

(trampoline our secret code word we use if we are in the middle of the gym)

I asked them why they never said?

They all hadn’t mentioned it before due to embarrassment.

Luckily for them, I always include this work in my programmes FOR EVERYONE.

Men too.

You see even if your pelvic floor is working exercising it regularly will keep it strong for the future.

It’s like an investment for your later years.

The investment will SAVE you having to be a “tenna lady”.

Enough said.

My point today was that if you have something stopping you and filling you with fear or dread.

Like if you feel afraid you’re going to wee yourself if you exercise too vigorously – it’s ok – that’s quite normal.

But it won’t get any better by doing nothing.

You need to get an action plan together to fix whatever STOPS you.

Action alleviates anxiety.

Plus the good news is this stuff is easy to fix when you know how.

I teach it all on my new online, exercise at home programme.

Where you can do all this stuff, with me in private.

Where no one can see if you pee your pants (JOKE).

The programme is called

Weight Loss Forever.

It will provide you with

“Fast Result Plus A Long Term Strategy”

If you’re interested, it will be ready for you to start in September and be in great shape by Xmas

More on that soon.

Until tomorrow my friend,

Richard “it’s all my fault” Clarke

PS – I’m off to the Royal Welsh Show now with my 6 Year old son, Louis.

But tomorrow I have got another tale of woe for you.

It’s about a man who told his wife he didn’t fancy her anymore.

And of course what happened next…

It’s not what you may think…

(Nosey bitches stay tuned… ;-))


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