Slimmers with no time to cook still lose weight doing this

A problem I’m seeing all too often:

Slimmers who either can’t or won’t cook because they are flat out busy.

They eat lots of ready meals, chilled and frozen, and are then giving myself and my team grief, because they cant lose weight.

Little devils.

One lady didn’t even ask, but rather told me: “Marks and Spencers meals are alright aren’t they”.

To which I said no, in the main you need to eat naturally.

Just because its Marks and bleeding Spencer’s doesn’t give it the green light for weight loss.

Its still mass produced.

It still contains additives.

It still contains preservatives and other nasty things added at source.

I do accept ready meals are more nourishing than some toast or cereal, and it’s nice to be able to make a quick meal but of course these meals are not as nutritious as a home cooked meal.

So I don’t recommend you eat ready meals very often, even if they are from M & S.

What I do recommend, and whole heartedly encourage, is making your own *ready* meals.

Even if you hate cooking because it takes a bit of time.

Making a batch of your favourite recipe is the best option, and the best use of your valuable time.

Next time you cook a curry or Bolognese, try and make double or even triple the normal amount and then put it in storage containers and freeze it.

Then, when you’re busy, all you need to do is get one of the portions out in the morning and it’ll be ready to eat by the time you get home from work.

Simple, but you’re probably not doing it.

Home made ready meals.

Even if you’re one of these who “can’t cook and won’t cook” because you’re busy, this is more achievable than cooking every day.

The meals taste better, are far more nutritious than that ready made crap and they dont contain any nasties which will slow your slimming results.

That’s more free advice.

Give that a try, or not, whatever the case may be.

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Richard Clarke

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