5 LAZY meals that are DESTROYING your results

We’re all screwed.


Let me explain.

The governments, banks and big corporations are working together, and are hell bent on keeping you confused, enslaved in debt and consuming their crappy products.

And they are pretty damn good at it too.

They see or even create a problem, then provide a solution.




O Yes.

This stuff has been happening since before I was born.

For example, during the 1950’s and 60’s women went to work in their masses because many of them had lost husbands during the war and had no choice.

This meant people didn’t have enough time to cook anymore.

So processed foods were offered as “convenient” and solved the problem.

All was good again.

Until you fast forward to today’s society who are almost IMMUNE to cooking a decent bloody meal.

Apparently since the 1960’s the amount of cooking in the home has reduced by half.

As far as I can tell, people just want to be able to make a meal as quickly and easily as possible.

Even 10 minutes is too long.

They want to make a meal in the time it takes the kettle to boil or less.

Some wonderful (nourishing ;-)) examples of 3 minute meals which spring to mind are:

1. Toast, something on toast, a crumpet or sandwich
2. Cup of tea/coffee and a biscuit or cake
3. A bowl of cereal
4. A LOW FAT Yoghurt
5. Microwave ready meal

These are fast meals, but they will ALL DESTROY your weight loss results.

And are examples of what I call “lazy eating”.

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Richard Clarke

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