The Bomb Juice Diet‏

Here is part 4 of my “stupid diets that work” series.

The first was the cocaine diet, and the second was the beer diet and yesterday the third was the cut off your arm diet.

Today I have a diet that’s equally as stupid, but just as effective, this is probably THE most stupid and I’m reluctant to say, THE most effective.

The fourth “stupid diet that works” is:

The Bomb Juice Diet

If losing weight is your priority (and not preserving your life), this is the fastest method in town.

Interpol even issued a global alert over the “imminent threat” posed by this slimming pill.

It involves taking a substance called Dinitrophenol or DNP for short, which is a chemical ingredient used in bomb making during world war II.

This method was discovered as they noticed the people who worked in the bomb making factory, were very lean and had no body fat.

DNP increases your body temperature MASSIVELY.

And it literally melts the fat from your body.

If you are lucky enough to wake up after a night of sweating on DNP, you will find brown stains on your sheets, which is melted body fat.

The trouble is it also “melts you” from the inside out.

And melts away MUSCLES and ORGANS as well as body fat.

It’s the most stupid, of stupid diets for sure.

And I recommend that you do NOT do it (or any of the stupid diets mentioned so far).

Instead, I recommend checking out my private members academy.

Not only can you get fit, healthy and lose lots of fat fairly quickly (not as fast as taking bomb juice, but still…) but you can even eat “sweet treats” like chocolate brownies and mango sorbet sometimes.

Plus, it comes with a powerful guarantee. (to make it as easy as possible for you to try)

Try everything out for 14 – DAYS RISK FREE. And best of all, it’s inexpensive (less than $13 or £9 a week).

You can read more about it here:

Richard Clarke

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