Horrific PMT, Food Cravings and Massive Weight Gain (Your Questions Answered)‏

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Gooooooooood Morning Vietnam!

Got some questions that I’m gonna answer for you today my feathered friend.

I share some good advice about, almond milk, cravings and PMT related weight gain.

It really is useful stuff, so lets get straight to it…

Question #1:  Hi Rich I have been struggling this week with cravings for sweets/fatty foods.  Even though I haven’t eaten them, I look in the mirror in the morning and think “I’m just going to be overweight so what’s the point”.  I have tried to stay positive but I’m finding it hard mentally.  I know you are busy but anything you suggest I would be extremely grateful.  Thanks, Mrs B. Loated.

ANSWER: Ok there is a lot of emotional stuff going on here plus cravings.  At first I thought maybe she was on her monthly but checked and she wasn’t.   So first things first, if you’re hungry, eat more at main meals and make a healthy desert, like the brownies recipe from the snack and treats cookbook.

Question #2:  Hi Richard, I just wanted to know your thoughts on the low glycemic index meal replacement powders.  I have one with 17g total carbs per serving (which I take once per day with water usually in the morning) should I take it with almond milk instead or is this just a “feel good” thing that I’m doing that has no real benefit? Thanks, Cindy.

ANSWER:  Hi Cindy,  Send me a pic of the nutritional info, does it have protein? (she replied yes). This shake can be a life saver and get you on the right track for the day.

I would take it with water not almond milk myself for better weight loss.  It has benefits, but it’s better to eat almonds.

Question #3:  Morning Rich,  Ok so looking forward to diet club later, however I suffer really bad PMT.  Is it true u retain water so can be a little heavier?

I don’t want to be disappointed as I have done so well this week.  Thanks, Mrs. A. Nonymous.

ANSWER: Yes PMT will hide weight loss, and it can be up to 4-5lbs sometimes.  Don’t worry though, weigh next week. You’re doing great, that’s plain to see, so I don’t want you getting disappointed by a “false” weight, if you know what I mean.

And that’s enough answering questions for today.

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