Woman with skinny feet cries as she sells designer shoe collection

Unbeknownst to me:

When you gain weight your feet get fatter.

We expect it to happen with clothes, but when you gain large amounts of weight your feet grow along with everything else, and you can gain an entire shoe size or more.

A member, who shall remain anonymous, recently told me she used to have a thing for shoes.

high heels

Despite her being extremely overweight, she always had the best shoes money could buy and it wasn’t unusual for her to pay £500 or £1000 for a new pair. She said that the shoes made her feel beautiful and she would get nice comments from other women, plus she felt it distracted people’s attention away from her weight.

The *problem* is that she lost loads of weight, is now a right skinny cow, who has skinny feet.

For a while she wore padding and little inserts, that just delayed the inevitable.

In the end, she had to get rid of the shoes, even though it brought her to tears.

She sold some of them on a website for “preloved” shoes (I didn’t even know people bought second hand shoes, dirty buggers) for far less than they were worth.

The rest are still in her wardrobe, as she says, laughing at her. She knows she will never wear them again as they are too big but she cant bring herself to throw them away.

At one point, the lady in question, told me she even considered not losing anymore weight because of the shoe problem. She is not alone in her thinking, I’ve heard of other women refusing to lose weight because they will need a new wardrobe, and cant afford it, which to me, seems a crazy logic to have.

Fortunately this lady didn’t give up on herself, for the sake of her shoes.

To get skinnier feet and maybe have to throw away your old shoes, and buy new ones, go here:


Richard Clarke

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