Woman Seriously Burned After Breaking Wind During Operation

A truly painful story, to keep you on your toes:

You may or may not have seen this story doing the rounds last week.
If you haven’t, I feel its my duty to make sure you don’t miss out on such a treat.

Earlier this year a Japanese woman suffered serious burns after breaking wind while she was having her lady parts operated on.

The lady was having a procedure carried out in Tokyo Medical University Hospital, which involved a laser being applied to her cervix and uterus.

During the operation she passed wind which was ignited by the laser and her gown and legs caught fire.

Thankfully this lady is ok, and survived this terrible incident.

And although painful, it is a little funny.


I used to think that women never did “IT”. I thought it just evaporated 😉

And I didn’t know this (farts catching on fire) was even possible until one day I saw one of the boys, a guy called Griff, actually light his farts for laughs.

Its fair to say, some people break wind a lot.

So for them there is always a danger of this sort of thing happening, and by this, I mean embarrassing moments involving bottom burps.

So here’s today’s lesson, if there is one:

Flipping and flopping between good and bad foods causes the MOST horrendous wind.

If you stick to a healthy approach with very little processed junk foods, you’ll be safe as houses, you wont get much wind, and wont accidentally set your arse on fire by rattling gone off at the wrong time.

OK that’s enough of this silliness.

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Richard Clarke

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