I know what to do . . . I just don’t do it

You may or may not benefit from this:

I asked one of my members “What motivates you to stick to your plan?”.

What she said surprised me.

She told me that she read every one of my emails for years, but it was never really about a lack of knowledge (she was a diabetic nurse). She said “I know what to do I just don’t do it”.

So what did she say had finally kicked her into action?

The revelation: She put her money where her mouth was and committed.

That was it.

She had never applied the free advice I gave her.

But as soon as she was paying to have personal training with myself, she was invested in the process, and she committed to the programme. She said she didn’t want to waste her money by missing sessions or blow the opportunity to get in shape, so she followed the program to the T.

But before you think that’s the answer, and rush out and commit to a programme, heed these words of warning.

I’ve known people to spend a fortune on personal training, only to cancel their sessions each week, and not follow the meal plans.

The money didn’t make a difference.

So, if that’s the kind of thing you do, please don’t waste your money. Or my time.

There are no guarantees.

How much you get from any programme or course like this, is down to you.

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Richard Clarke

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