The Stupidly Simple Way To Fix Serious Health Problems

Email subscriber Donna Buckley asks:

“Hi Richard, Thanks for the information. Just a quick question I have an under active thyroid and I’m on 150mg of levothroxine so will this plan be any good for me and my thyroid. Any advice greatly received. Kind regards, Donna”


Yes lots of ladies have had significant changes in their thyroids, some have even had their thyroxine dosage lowered down to next to nothing and had dramatic changes in the test results. There are no guarantees but the foods we encourage you to eat tend to nourish the thyroid gland and as a result it functions better, its like a positive side

That’s right Donna, its YOU and YOUR Thyroid, and you’re in this together.

Lets make no bones about it, your body can fix, heal and repair itself, its not magic (or help from god) but it is certainly an amazing bit of kit.

But it cant do any of these shamazing things without the right nutrients.

That’s where you come in.

Certain foods “feed” your thyroid what it needs to work properly, and at the same time keep your weight and metabolism in check.

If you have trouble with your thyroid and if you do take thyroid medication, you should know that your body cant use the thyroxine effectively, again, without some key nutrients to help it along (namely iodine).

So, that means, you need to eat properly to make the medication work.

The stupid simple lesson, if you take thyroid meds or not, is this: your body is fantastic and it can perform virtual *miracles* but it cant do it alone and needs your input with some good nourishment.

I’m reminded of this Arab Proverb:

“Trust in god but tie your camel”.

Trust in your body, but do your bit.

To learn how to help yourself and to follow a plan that makes you healthier inside and out, (and may help your thyroid) go here:

Richard Clarke

PS – Please don’t take my word for all this thyroid business.

I’ve done 60 episodes of a radio show with a legend of a bona fide GP of 25 years, Dr Mark Daniels, and on a couple of the episodes we discuss the thyroid and how to fix it, in some detail. Check that out here, episodes 23 & 60 on the podcast. You can listen to it right on the site or on iTunes if your into that:

Radio Show

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