What to do if you hate the gym, but want to get fitter

True story:

We were talking gyms, and she told me, “I hate seeing myself in the mirror”.

She said she got so upset and angry by what she saw and would quite often cry out of frustration.

Dressed or undressed . . . It didn’t matter.

She had a wardrobe full of clothes – but nothing to wear.

She had started to decline invitations to go out with her friends, as she would rather stay in where no one could see her.

Things had changed so fast.

“I’m angry at myself for getting this bad, now I won’t go to the gym without a jumper around my waist because my bum is so big”.

Covering up, with jumpers around the waist or wearing long t shirts, is one strategy to protect the world from seeing your arse while you’re in the gym.  Plus members tell me just walking into the gym can make them feel like everyones looking.  They feel on show.

No body parts are safe from a lady’s wrath:

-Bingo wings

-Back fat

-Big bums

-Big sugar bellies

-Double chins

-Loose skin

-Saggy bewbies

^^ All cause body confidence issues ^^

It’s SO important that you feel comfortable when exercising so you can get sweaty, move your body and have your “bits wobbling and bouncing” with no one there to see it all happening.

The trouble is most gyms are full of men and very intimidating, so if you’re totally out of shape, haven’t done anything for years, its OFF PUTTING

Lots of women feel the same.

And, they end up, not bothering.

My advice: Find a gym or class where you can feel totally at home.

Something like my new gym in Birchgrove.

After 20 years working in the trenches with women over 40, I know they prefer a private place to do their exercise, and prefer to do it with others their own age, not a load of young, Lycra clad fitties.

That’s why I have a SMALL gym without any mirrors, which is exclusively for over 40’s and 50’s.

If that sounds like it could be your cup of earl grey, for membership info and to fill out a form to join, go here:


Richard Clarke

PS – To just focus on nutrition and leave the exercise until you’ve lost some weight, one of my slimming clubs would be a good move, for more info about the slimming clubs, plus days, times and locations, go here:


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