Why Fat Women Earn Less Than Skinny Ones

This may make you angry, I saw this, rather shocking story, in the news:

Overweight women are earning less than their skinnier counterparts.

A study said that for a woman, being overweight by more than 13lbs, means you will earn around £7300 less per year. Not sure who did this research, probably some fat men who only want to have skinny women in the office.

Either way, its pretty bad.

I hate to say “I told you so” but yours truly did predict this a while back. I specifically said that health, is the new status symbol in society, and to be healthy is a commodity.

Healthy Lifestyle

Historically women have been discriminated in the workplace, and this is yet another example.

Rightly or wrongly, if you carry excess weight, you’re often perceived to be lazy or greedy. Apparently, employers are less likely to select an overweight woman to fill a higher wage job that involves interacting with the public. And even worse, overweight women make less money than people of “normal” weight, and women who are “plump” earn even less than men, who are the same weight as them.

Wrong I know, but its a hard fact of life.

We all look at people and make judgements about them based on the way they look. So its fair to say, you could be seen as lazier than your slimmer counterpart and then miss out on a promotion, even if you’re BETTER than them.

Most overweight people have experienced this prejudice.

Now, you could campaign against this injustice, and take your employer to some sort of tribunal, and maybe you’d win, and get that highly paid job.

Or you could just drop some timber, it will be far more enjoyable, to prove to them that they underestimated you.

To get help with your comeback, and to prove the skinny bitches wrong, go here now:


Richard Clarke

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