Life Lessons Taught by a Bad Grampa

My son has two Granddads.

One is called Tim (my Father).

The other is called George.

One of them spends hours with my son doing things like:
-Drawing & painting (while listening to classical music, seriously wtf)
-Reading books & going to the library
-Letters, spelling and words
-Numbers and counting

The other one spends hours with him teaching him to:
-Chew bubble gum
-Tell rude jokes
-Sing rude songs
-Ride a bike (without stabilisers)
-Shoot a pellet gun

As I see it, he basically has a GOOD grampa and a BAD grampa.

Good grampa has taught my son the essentials for him to do well in school.

On the other hand, bad grampa taught him this rude song:

Have you ever seen a granny passing water
…down by the old mill stream?

She can pee for an hour and a quarter
…and you can’t see her arse for steam!

Now, when you come home from work and your sons singing that at the top of his little voice – you don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

I bet you can already guess…My Dad is …BAD Grampa.

Why am I telling you this?

Because, like my son Louis, we need a balanced input from our role models because it makes us a more rounded person. That’s why, as a role model myself, I promote a balanced approach to my members.

Eating healthy all week allows room for a treat on a weekend.

Isn’t that what everybody does when they are on a diet anyway?

The real issue with the approach is, its easy to get it wrong and end up NOT seeing any weight loss because your weekends are too bad.

That’s where my personal training, slimming and nutrition programmes can help. The meal plans teach you how to eat well during the week, plus they allow you to eat your favourite junk foods at the weekend, so that come Monday, you’re not back where you started.

To get in on the action while the goings good, click the link below and fill out a form:

Richard Clarke

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