You Don’t Even Want To Think About It‏

Morning Campers, I have a little kick in the Gluteus Maximus for you today.

More and more of you are suffering from addictions, and addictions ruin lives.

Today I’m going to reveal the possible reasons why you become addicted to things, and it’s probably not what you think.

Be it a full blown addiction or compulsions to binge eat until you pass out, people are hooked on food.

And it’s now been accepted that food addiction is a real problem and it’s just like alcoholism or drug addiction.

We know quite a bit about drugs and alcohol addiction that can help us with food addiction.

Lemme explain…

People become addicted to drugs and alcohol and use them to sedate themselves.

Drugs and alcohol allow us NOT TO HAVE TO THINK.

Drugs and alcohol help us NOT TO HAVE TO FACE PROBLEMS.

What would you say if someone asked you what causes alcohol (or heroin) addiction?

Most people including myself, would say the alcohol (or heroin) cause people to become addicts.

It’s a physical addiction.

The substances are so powerful and make the user addicted within weeks.

But what if I said that “school of thought” was wrong?

Get a load of this:

Historically, tests with drugs and rats concluded that, if put in a cage and given the option of either water or water with heroin, the rats became obsessed with the heroin laced water and drank it until they killed themselves.

Seems like a fair conclusion.

But one chap didn’t think so. He wondered what if the rat was not alone, would they behave any differently?

And he created “Rat Park”.

Which is basically heaven for rats.

The rats would have toys, tunnels, lots of other rats to have sex with, food, plus the DRUGGED WATER and CLEAN WATER.

This is where it gets interesting.

The rats hardly ever used the drugged water.

None of them used it compulsively and not one of them ever overdosed.

The conclusion was drugs don’t make you an addict, but “YOUR CAGE” does.

If you’re put in a (cage) place where you’re unhappy, stressed out, isolated and lonely, doing heroin is a good solution, and makes everything better.

And it’s the same with us humans.

The Vietnam war confirmed what the rat park experiment discovered.

95% of heroin addicted soldiers, never used drugs when they returned home because they had gone from a cage (fighting in the jungle) to their homes with their families (rat park).

As humans, if we are unhappy/lonely/isolated – which many of us are, we will bond with STUFF if we can’t bond with others.

I will say that again because it’s so important.

As humans, we have an innate need to bond and connect, when we are happy and healthy we bond with the people around us.

But when we can’t, because we are traumatised, isolated or beaten down by life being a bitch, we will bond with something which gives us a sense of relief.

It might be:
-Endlessly checking your smart phone
-Watching pornography
-Playing video games
-Eating all the time
-Taking drugs
-Drinking too much alcohol

^^^Does any of this sound familiar?^^^

Are you SEDATING yourself and BONDING with stuff instead of people?

You need to break out of the CAGE you are in, and find your own version of rat park.

If you have been through significant trauma, or are feeling isolated or like life has got the better of you, there is something you can do.

I’m afraid I cant help with addictions, you will need a counsellor for that,

But, having been around the block and worked with many addicts, I can help you bond with far healthier things like exercise and nutrition.

If you haven’t given up on yourself and want to turn things around before it’s too late,

You can read more about my life changing fitness and nutrition programmes here:

Richard Clarke

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