Fastest way to go from “knowing” what to do, to “doing” it

Chatting with Yvonne in the gym:

She openly admitted that when it comes to dropping a bit of timber, she knows exactly what to do, but doesn’t actually do it.

I mentioned that I thought she was in her “comfort zone”, and the reason I could tell was that she was doing the things she ALREADY found easy.

I also mentioned: “you don’t really know what to do until you can actually do it”.

Your comfort zone, is not the place to be if you want to make significant changes in your life.

The way its been explained to me is like this:

#1. Comfort zone – where most people are, doing things which they can already
do easily.

#2. Learning zone – this is desirable and its requires a bit more elbow grease than being in the comfort zone, but this is where you can develop yourself and become more skilled at shaping up and dropping some weight.

So the lesson today is to get out of your comfort zone and into your learning zone.

How do you do that?

This proverb sums things up nicely:

“I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand”.

So remember, you haven’t really learned something until you can DO it.

To learn how to “do (and understand)” what you need to get yourself back to your best, you’ll need to go here and complete a form:

Richard Clarke

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