Threats, Begging and Bribery

^^^^ Yes that’s parenthood alright ^^^^

One minute you love the little darlings and next minute you’re ready to put them up for adoption.

But seriously, starting out we have the best intentions, but in reality, we are human, and can only take so much.

For example:

“Louis, put your shoes on”

2 minutes later . . .

“Louis, if you put your shoes on a bit quicker you can still watch TV”

2 minutes later  . . .

“Louis, please put your shoes on, we are late and need to leave, mummy is very tired”.

2 minutes later . . .

“Louis put your shoes on, or, or I’m going to kill you and feed you to sharks”.

(Funny how he responds to threats very quickly)

And on it goes.

So that’s the next 5 weeks or so for my wife and I.

More her than me if I’m honest.

I work with lots of mums and during ALL school holidays, (but even more in the summer), they struggle to keep their weight in check because the kids are off school.

They start eating what the kids eat, or they start picking in-between meals or even clearing the kids plates of leftovers.

All the usual stuff.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, lots of my clients have a trick (or two) up their sleeve to solve this little dilemma.

Kids love junk.

But Kids love cooking too.

And low and behold if they help cook something they are highly likely to eat it too.

That’s where my family friendly meal plan comes into play.

Recipes to make delicious chocolate brownies, cookies and muffins that the kids will absolutely love.

One of my favourite recipes can be made in less than 10 minutes and are just mixed in a bowl and put in the fridge to set.

It’s a wonderful way to stop you eating crap and picking at the kids Foods PLUS do a FUN activity they will enjoy at the same time.

As a parent it’s always nice to know you are giving your kids something that’s good for them.

To get yourself a copy of my family friendly meal plan, and all the recipes that go with it, get your sexy butt over here (3 options):

1.My online academy –

2. One-one/group training –

3. My new slimming club (you need to fill out a form) –

Richard Clarke

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