How even experienced slimmers make stupid mistakes

Something you may or may not find interesting:

I read a website called fmlife(dot)com For the uninitiated, its a site where other humans share their daily mishaps and embarrassments. The FML stands for f**k my life, which is a term people use when it seems nothing is going right in their life.

Anyway, I read this post on there:

“Today, my co-worker offered me sweets, then chocolate and then biscuits. Repeatedly. She knows I’m trying to diet for my wedding. She does this every day. FML”

As funny as the site is, in reality these are everyday occurrences, accidents are often a result of plain stupidity. Humans are stupid. And even stupider when they are tired, stressed, or emotional, and end up making stupid decisions, saying and doing stupid things and so on. I’m at the top of the list myself at times.

Case in point.

I’ve studied anatomy and physiology all my life and know a fair bit, or so I thought. I thought I had noticed blisters at the back of my tongue and asked my GP (who I often quick to remind I’m clued up and a health coach) and she said they were my taste buds. FML.

The lesson in all this drivel:

I often see experienced slimmers making stupid mistakes with my diet plan. Its NOT that they are stupid, just that, at times, they make stupid decisions, which lead to stupid mistakes. One such mistake is going NO carbs for too long. It sounds like it would be better for weight loss, but in my 20 years experience LOW carbs trumps NO carbs.

Of course, the devil is in the detail, and there is a right and a wrong way to do all this.

To learn the right way, check out my personal training and nutrition programmes:

Richard Clarke

PS – In other news on FML:

“Today, at the office, I was walking towards a blind man who works in another department. When I realized our paths would collide, I called out that I was on his right because we’d received an email from HR that said this would help him. I was actually on his left. FML”.

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