9 Ways To Be Miserable ALL Of Your Life‏

Seen this on the book of faces last week.
And, for me, it was certainly “on the money”.
In fairness, it was posted by a chap I know Mark, a great personal trainer from Cardiff.
The post said:
1.  Blame All Your Problems On Others
2.  Complain About Everything
3.  Not be grateful
It got me thinking, so I have a few more things to add and they will certainly make sure you are a miserable bugger all your life:
4.  Be suspicious and presume everyone is out to get you
5. Trust no one except yourself
6.  In conversation, don’t listen to what people are saying, just talk about yourself
7.  Dislike anyone who is more successful than you or doing well
8.  Hold onto every criticism anyone makes of you and never forgive them
9.  See others in terms of what they can do for you, and use them for your own ends
And that’s it.
There you have it, 9 sure fire ways to mess up your life, your kids lives, and your partners life, plus fail on so many other levels.
Of course this is a bit of fun, nobody is that bad right?
So that’s how NOT to do it, how to mess up your life and be miserable.
To learn how to be happy (ier), fit (ter) and healthy (ier), click the link below to get started immediately.
Richard Clarke

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