I Like My Nuts To Be Juicy‏

Naughty subject line today, but I couldn’t help myself.

Thanks to Melanie for these questions today…

QUESTION #1. What are your thoughts on the paleo diet?

ANSWER: I think in the main, the paleo diet is great. My nutrition plan is similar but I do allow some carbohydrates.

It maybe natural for a caveman to go without carbs, but it’s not natural for modern “man”, and is very restrictive to live without any grains or starches. Paleo for athletes, is what I prefer.

QUESTION #2. Will eating too many carbs affect my skin because of the glycation process and blood sugar?

ANSWER: I have never heard of that. But the bottle of wine you told me you drank last Wednesday will affect your skin too, but you didn’t seem too worried about that!!

Get your priorities right. Don’t focus on the wrong things. Otherwise you will not be able to eat anything.

You have what I know as a case of “paralysis by analysis”, which I have suffered from myself. You get scared of food.

That level of detail is unnecessary for most people, just eat healthy.

(And stop drinking wine on a Wednesday nights.)

QUESTION #3. Do you soak your nuts and seeds?

ANSWER: Yes. I like my nuts to be juicy ;-). I soak them in water before I eat them if possible. It’s especially good with almonds as they are so dry. They swell up nicely and are much tastier.

And that’s a wrap.

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Richard Clarke

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