Career Advice From The Penguin‏

People often ask me career advice about becoming self employed.

They wanna have their own business, more time, freedom, to be a personal trainer, massage therapist or whatever.

People want to earn more money and god forbid, be happier.

And being happier, helps their health and weight. And I’m all for that.

Sometimes they are stuck in a job they hate and cannot easily leave, we all know what that feels like eh?

So they ask me what’s the best thing to do?

And I say: do it like Penguin from the TV series Gotham would do it…
(it’s a great show, it’s a prelude to the Batman stuff, and it tells the story of when Bruce Wayne, Penguin and Cat Woman were all younger)

Let me explain…

Penguin’s strategy is a two pronged approach.

And I have used it many times myself to move from one job to another, and at the same time, not risk my income dropping too much.

Let me explain. . .

Penguin started at the bottom, but he has ambition to rise to the top. (just like you he is an evil genius!)

Maybe just like, you, he hates having to do the things he does.

So his evil plan is:
1.  Do what he has to do for now to survive: work, run errands, take orders.
2.  When he can, he works on his plan to rise to the top.

I know firsthand what it’s like when you hate your job, there is nothing more you would like than to spend all day working on your new “evil plan” to escape.

But alas – you can’t.

You need a long term plan.

Earn some money now to allow yourself time to plan what you want to do in the future.

But I should point out, most people are not cut out to be self employed or a business owner, they are not evil enough!

They are better off in a job, working for someone else.

But only you will know the answer to that one.

If you want to be a self employed business owner like many of my clients, then a good bit of advice is to start to invest in yourself, whilst making your long term plan.

And a great way to invest in your most important asset your business owns (your body) is to improve your health and fitness.

It has a direct correlation to business/career success/earnings.

Richard Clarke

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