Have You Lost Yourself? (You Probably Won’t Even Realise)

A tale of woe:

I was talking to one of the girls in the gym and she was saying how well she was sleeping and how much better she was feeling after 12 weeks exercise.

And how her outlook has improved and she was looking forward to things again.

Nothing new there, but this is where it gets interesting:

She said, looking back, she had “lost herself” somewhere along the line.

She didn’t recognise who she had become.

She told me she used to be fun to be around and used to like a laugh and not take life too seriously.

But somehow, and without her knowing, that had all changed, that person was gone.

She was not herself, and felt like an “angry and stressed out bitch” her words not mine.

She even admitted to me she can sometimes be quite EVIL to her partner, for NO reason at all.

And to cap it all off, now she has depression, massive energy problems, can’t sleep and is gaining weight despite being on a “diet”.

I asked her what had changed for all that to happen?

And she said her life seemed to have gotten very serious.

What with kids and family commitments (her parents were in poor health).

Plus work was busy.

Throw in some financial pressure.

Run that for 10 years

and hey presto, you are on your friggin knees.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way.

To change the outlook of your future and to maybe even find the old, fun and happy version of yourself, put on a smile and head over here to get started immediately (3 options):

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Richard Clarke

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