Lost Sheep

I have had another one of my “flock” wander off.

And now it seems I have lost her.

She started to drift…

No contact

No food diaries

Not responding to my phone calls or texts.snacking

Usually it can only mean one thing.

They have gone off plan and don’t want to speak to me.

I used to take this personally.

But not any more.

These days I try to avoid FLAKEY people who are not motivated and can’t be arsed.

I can usually smell it a mile off.

My bullshit monitor is pretty sensitive.

Usually the bullshitters, are people who say one thing and do another.

I have the “laying it on the line chat”.

If they have NEVER succeeded in the past…

I ask them why they think it’s going to be different this time?

I can’t do it for them.

I ask if they are ready to do this themselves and follow my advice.

And they of course say


In all the right places.

And then they have to actually do it, it’s like Amy bloody Winehouse


The truth is my friend.

Often you just don’t want it BAD enough.


You don’t HATE where you are enough.

You’re not in enough PAIN.

How do I know?

Because you say one thing and do another.

Your actions are a total mismatch with your TALK.

Everyone around you can see it.

You can tell yourself whatever LIES you want about how you don’t have the time or money.

Or it’s just too HARD.

Or whatever BS you have in your head right now.

But the truth is your RESULTS never lie.

Your results are a reflection of how much commitment and consistency you have shown.

So my advice is to:

Stop talking.

Start doing.

Richard “results never lie” Clarke

PS – Quite a few people who were feeling the pain of staying the same are using my exclusive online program to see some great results.

But you will have to put your big girls knickers on if you want to be a member.

It’s not for flakey people who are full of BS excuses.


PPS – That’s it for this week, keep and eye out for next week especially if you want to train with me as I will be re-opening the doors to my IN PERSON training in Swansea for the first time in 3 Months.


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