Winners v Boozers

Boozers binge on alcohol every chance they get and drink excessively to hide the pain of the reality of their own life.

Boozers QUIT all productive tasks when they are tired or stressed, which is often.

Winners on the other hand, only quit when they are done or have won.

If you’re worried that you’re a boozer, read this.

Here in Wales, a balanced approach to drinking means having a drink in both hands.

Here is a story of a lady who had EVERY RIGHT to drink.

She had been a victim of a horrible crime, and the booze helped her cope. She drank AT LEAST a bottle of wine a night, more at weekends, and it helped her forget and it helped numb the pain remembering caused.

Alcohol sedates you and is great when you want to forget stuff.

The trouble was, this lady had been hitting it hard for too long, the drinking was taking its toll, and her health was deteriorating.

She was exhausted, she hadn’t slept properly for years unless she was drunk.

As a result, she’d been gaining weight fast and she was missing work more and more. And to cap it all off, she had been diagnosed with high blood pressure AND depression, and had been given pills by the Doctor.

It was at this point, she said she had a “wake-up call”, and came to see me, for in her words, a “more natural approach than these pills”.

I see so many people BOOZING to excess and STRUGGLING to get back on track.

So I want to share what happened, the order of events etc.

Here’s what this boozer did in order to become a winner:

#1. She accepted it was going to be HARD (initially), the first week was the hardest.

#2. She stopped drinking on Sunday – Thursday. (she carried on drinking Fridays and Saturdays for a while). And started drinking more water.

#3. She started to introduce high density nutrition foods into her diet like nuts, berries, eggs, fish and green vegetables.

#4. She started two light exercise sessions a week and went to yoga once a week.

#5. Eventually she felt good enough and had her first weekend off the booze, and went two whole weeks without any wine.

She’s determined that she NEVER wants to go back to that “place” again and is now looking forward to the FUTURE and not stuck in the cycle of remembering the PAST.

At times you HAVE to go through HELL, and hit rock bottom, to get the wake up call you need to change your wicked ways.

Something to think about.

Richard Clarke

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